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Our olive oils are produced in Corsica according to the rules of the art of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The designation "Extra Virgin" or "Vierge Extra" designates a superior quality of olive oil according to the criteria established by the International Olive Oil Council.

Extra virgin olive oil is extracted solely by mechanical means, has a maximum acidity of 0.8% and is flawless when tasted.
We offer a range of 6 extra virgin olive oils and 3 olive oil-based condiments to enhance your culinary preparations.

Our oils are made from the same variety of Corsican olive, called "Ghjermana", but harvested at different times.

The oil extracted will have a range of flavors from the mildest to the most peppery: Cuvée Emilie, Dolce, Frescu, Intensu, Athéa, Galoppa.

Fresh produce delivery

For reasons of hygiene and guarantee, fresh products will only be delivered to Corsica in the region where the store is located.

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VAT info

Our prices include VAT in accordance with national regulations. However, some products in Corsica and on the mainland have a different VAT rate.

For example:

  • Corsican wine is subject to 0% VAT if delivered in Corsica and 20% otherwise.
  • Grocery products are subject toVAT at 2.10% if delivered in Corsica and 5.50% otherwise.

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