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Capacity : 2L Our cooking olive oil, a blend of refined olive oils (produced through mechanical processes and then refined without solvents to remove all impurities and neutralize acidity), is the essential ally for your frying and baking in oil.

Olive oil lightly enhances the taste of your food. It is ideal for replacing other vegetable oils and is an excellent substitute for butter and margarine.

Excellent for frying, it can reach temperatures of up to 210°C thanks to its high oleic acid content. Its high temperature resistance means it can be reused up to twice as much in frying as other seed oils.

With its lightly fruity taste, olive oil brings out the best in all your dishes.

At a temperature of 180°C, you get an excellent crunchy exterior with a soft interior.

Its high oleic acid and antioxidant content protects our bodies and preserves our food.

Value for money:
Olive oil is ideal for all your everyday cooking and preparation needs, at an affordable price.

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