Valetta - Andreucci

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Valetta (or vuletta) is a piece of cheek meat. It can be eaten without preparation, and is excellent with bread and wine. It can be kept for several months.

An inn, farmhouse charcuterie, wood-dried chestnut flour... all at an altitude of over 1000 meters. Welcome to Zevaco.

Nustrale black pigs are raised on 100 hectares of land. For three generations.

Noellie Andreucci is the latest addition. She chose to take over the farm. With strength and conviction, she is modernizing the business while respecting the traditions and know-how of her elders.

Farmhouse charcuterie, for example, has AOC certification.

It's worth noting that the sausage won a medal at the Rabelais competition. This competition rewards the best sausages in the world, based on criteria such as farming conditions and ingredients. As well as taste, of course.

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